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Address:   80 SW 8th Street, Suite 2600 
Miami, FL 33130 
Phone:    (305) 376-8864 
Fax:   (305) 376-8865 
Open Hours:   Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Parking:   Paying parking at building's garage 



The Cultural Center Brazil- USA of Florida is to disseminate Brazilian Culture in South Florida and to strengthen the ties between Florida and Brazil. It is located adjacently to the Cultural Sector of the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami and its Honorary President is the Consul General of Brazil in Miami.

The Cultural Center offers a multi-disciplinary programming which allows more opportunities to appreciate the Brazilian arts and culture. By promoting cultural events, and supporting visual and performing arts presentations such as theater plays, movie festivals, by creating special Portuguese (Brazilian) language Programs and by maintaining and enlarging our Library has already established its name as an institution that promotes the Brazilian Culture in the State of Florida.

Honorary President: Amb. João Almino, Consul General of Brazil in Miami 
President: Adriana Sabino  
Vice President Administration: Gloria Johnson
Vice President Education: Leila da Costa 
Vice President Events: Maria InÍs Dal Borgo 

Vice President Marketing: Yara Cavaignac
Vice President Membership: Rosane Weschler

Executive Vice President: Luiz Carlos Carvalho
Executive Vice President:  Jo Cavaignac

Executive Vice President:  Silvana Mandelli


Centro Cultural Brasil USA - 2006