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Adriana Sabino

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CCBU at the Brazilian Press Awards


Junina Party at Ada Merritt School


Happy Hour at Mendoza Restaurant


Remembering CCBU's 2005 Performance


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Dear Members:

            On May 27, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Brazil-USA Cultural Center Board Members and I received the prestigious BRAZILIAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS AWARD on behalf of all of our members. This is an important award that recognizes the organizations and individuals that projected a positive image of Brazil in the USA.

            As the result of an exceptional performance in 2005, CCBU was nominated by the popular vote and by the electoral college in four categories. It was chosen as "The Best in Promotion of the Portuguese Language".

            This award makes CCBU the record winner of the history of the Brazilian Press Award and confirms our commitment to the dissemination of  Brazilian Culture in the United States and also with building a strong and vibrant Brazilian community in South Florida.

           Our members' invaluable support helped us win this honor. Therefore this award belongs to YOU!  

              Also in May, the Centro Cultural participated as one of the support organizations of the First International Brazilian Communication Seminar, whose program was sent to our members together with May's newsletter. I consider this Seminar a historic milestone for the Brazilian community that lives outside Brazil. This extraordinary initiative, according to its creator, Journalist Carlos Borges, was born from the one idea of Edilberto Mendes, journalist that lives in New York, and from the First Brazilian Forum, organized and presented by the Cultural Center in 2005. During two days, radio, T.V., newspaper and internet professionals, representatives of various cultural organizations, authors from several U.S. states, from Japan, Germany and Brazil and personalities as the President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Marcos Villaa, the Sub-Secretary of Cooperation and Brazilian Communities abroad, Ambassador Ruy Nogueira, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Consul General of Brazil in Miami, Ambassador Joo Almino, debated themes of interest for our community in the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

            One week later, the tenth Brazilian Film Festival of Miami began. This is a project that was born in the same year of the Cultural Center and is today a milestone in Miami's cultural life, remarkably disseminating Brazilian Culture in Miami, in New York, in Europe and soon in China. In 1997, the CCBU the first cultural organization to learn about and support this wonderful initiative of Adriana Dutra, Viviane Spinelli and Claudia Dutra.

            On May 19 the CCBU organized a "Brazilian Trivia Booth" at the Junina Party of Ada Merritt School. The party was very successful and the Miami Herald even wrote a story about it in the Neighbors Section.

            The month of May and the beginning of June 2006 is a period full of celebrations. With great joy we participated in the events presented by the partners in our project of dissemination of Brazilian Culture. Reflecting about the events of these periods we can be proud of having planted important seeds that bloomed and contributed to creating a more positive community.

My cordial regards,

Adriana Riquet Sabino



In a memorable night, the Cultural Center celebrated with the Lifetime Achievements Winners: author Joo Ubaldo Ribeiro, basketball icon Hortensia, the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami, singer Alcione and many other prestigious organizations and individuals the many achievements of Brazilians that live in the U.S.


The second Junina party at Ada Merritt school was a resounding success, organized by a group of Brazilian mothers. Typical food and game booths were installed in the school gardens. The children came to the Centro Cultural's Brazilian Trivia Booth to answer questions about Brazil and won prizes.



On May 18, CCBU members got together to celebrate one more Brazilian International Press Award and welcome new members. View Pictures!



It is worth remembering the Brazil-USA Cultural Center of Florida in 2005. It was a year that placed the Cultural Center in a new level.


Centro Cultural Brasil USA